Tattoo your face

While we are not advising you to go tattoo your face, if you were, we'd advise you to use @tattooyourface. A young, gorgeous, creative tattoo artist from Brooklyn, who enjoys black and whites and can make anything look like a classic.

A tattoo from @tattooyourface is sure to make you 10 degrees cooler. When you're making your plans to visit New York, if you ever have dreams of getting a tattoo, we advise you book an appointment and let @tattooyourface transform you into a work of art.

Her talent immediately jumps off her Instagram page from the initial glance, and as you continue viewing her portfolio of tattoo work, you can't help but enjoy the super cute pictures of her girlfriend and her enjoying the city. There is no question about how creative, detailed and particular this artist is.

A few fun facts about @tattooyourface we enjoyed finding out about when visiting her profile includes her love of cats, twins and vacationing in California. Almost immediately you will notice her beautiful dreads she once rocked and her very classy vintage style. We love it so much which is why she is on our radar!

Be sure to follow @tattooyourface for her latest artwork and tattoo pieces. You can book an appointment for a tattoo with her via