Black, Lesbian Love is a Form of Resistance: The Fundraiser


NU Hotel Brooklyn Hosted by Nia & Ness
85 Smith St, Brooklyn,
New York 11201
United States
Friday, May 18, 2018 - 8:00pm
Black, Lesbian Love is a Form of Resistance is a fundraiser and our celebration of 2 years as the artistic duo Nia & Ness. We will be celebrating at NU Hotel on May 18th, 2018! Doors open at 8:30 p.m. and event ends at 10:30pm. We are currently touring our 72 minute piece called 'run.', which has been amazing. With that said, we have been performing for many marginalized communities (Black and Brown Communities, PoC LGBTQ+ Communities, LGBTQ Communities, Women/Fem led Communities, Artistic Communities etc. and their budgets are extremely low. So, many of these places cannot fully provide necessities such as food or travel for us during our time with them. This fundraiser will help provide funds for food and travel so that we can share our work with more people. Also, because we are an out lesbian couple, we face harassment daily. We have had our lives threatened twice on the MTA. This fundraiser will also help to provide funds so that we can travel safely (via cab-hailing apps) to and from late night gigs here in the city. Lastly, we are looking to launch a small t-shirt line so that people can keep reminders of us, long after the performance is over. For this celebration, we are having live performances in rap, song, dance and spoken word by some incredible artists whose work answers the question "What is your form of resistance?" The incredible artists that will be performing are: Ceci Pineda (musician) Santana Sankofa (poet/musician) Hadassah (musician) Reign (poet/Emcee) Ainesh Madan (dance) Jessie Standafer (musician) Joe Monteleone (dance) Nia & Ness will be performing as well! We will also be showing photographs taken by Moth Dust for our piece run.! Along with the incredible performances, the event will include: baked goods by Mama Shand and a bar where drinks are available for purchase; a silent auction, first dibs on some fun Nia & Ness merchandise; the launching of our Patreon; and the space to begin and close the night out by spreading love and meeting new people. Online ticket prices: $10 for entry and performance $20 for entry, performance and unlimited food Door ticket prices: $15 for entry and performance $25 for entry, performance and unlimited food This is a mostly CASH ONLY event! So all tickets, food and merchandise at the event can only be bought with cash. Come on out, celebrate and ask yourself, and others, What is Your Form of Resistance?